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Learning Experiences

We breathe life into educational experiences.

In conventional terms, we're a consulting company. However, in our true essence, we are a knowledge project. We make the institution of your dreams come to life.
Edufactors was founded with the intention to help educational institutions thrive. Since our inception in 2013, we have made our mark in over 40 institutions, schools and organisations.  Over the years, we've successfully managed projects across India, Nepal, Kenya and the UK.

Our Services

Our projects are led by world-class experts that specialize in adding value to the lives of institutions and learning organisations. 
Revamp & Transformation
We help institutions refresh their identity and value proposition to provide excellent learning experiences.
Institution Management
Our management services ensure that you are up to date with the best in education and learning while we take care of everything else for you.
We help to make your institution tech-enabled by helping you digitise your environment along with change management.
Tailor-made Solutions
We offer customised solutions to our clients along with a thorough and holistic audit of their brand and market presence.

Our Work

Edufactors has made its mark in 40 companies, educational institutions and community bodies across the globe including India, Kenya, Nepal and UK.
Centre for Development Education
Centre for Development Education

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Smt. Kapila Khandvala College of Education
Smt. Kapila Khandvala College of Education

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