About Us

All the above answers are WRONG.

The learners of today and creators of tomorrow - the students are your product and our ultimate equity.

Founded in 2013 with an intention of making education free of pressure, affordable and led by values that build a strong foundation to thrive in an uncertain future, Edufactors has impacted over 100,000 students across India, Nepal, UK and Kenya. We have set up schools, transformed institutions, made our own learning products, and built sustainable learning models for stakeholders across the Education sector.

We are a 360° education company with key focus on brick and mortar institutions, customised learning solutions and curriculum development.

We believe that student happiness, teacher happiness and stakeholder happiness are the three critical factors that define success of an institution.

At the core of an institution should be a sustainable business model. The principle of business sustainability is not equivalent to brash 'profit-making'.